Why you should buy in Valencia !!! (not in Andalucia)

When I look into the eyes of those affected by illegal houses, the vast majority nearly in their 80s, I think that enough is enough, that this useless suffering must be brought to an end. I also think it´s time to get rid of byzantine, cumbersome laws that do not work, and the sooner the better.

It is evident that urban planning in Andalucía has failed. Proof of this is the 300,000 illegal houses that exist across the region, a problem that probably affects around a million people, and could represent an investment of tens of thousands of millions of Euros. For any sensible person it is also evident that it serves no purpose to demolish these houses, as well as useless and unjust to knock down just a few, except in cases of obvious risk. Prevention is what is required and it is obvious that prevention has failed. That it has failed is not the fault of those affected, it is the fault of the administration. And what cannot be allowed is to keep these poor pensioners as a type of planning hostage until the planning system does its job – a planning system that clearly does not do its job.

The 16,000 people affected in Chiclana in Cádiz have spent 30 years waiting for the planners to resolve their problem, as have those in Carmona in Seville. And those on asentamientos in the Valley of Almanzora in Almería have waited for more than a decade. Enough is enough. Many of those affected in Chiclana and Carmona have running water just outside their plot or urbanisation and again, as if they were hostages, they are not allowed to connect, purely for reasons of planning dogma, in order not to “reward them” they are told. The truth is that the “rewarded” are sunning themselves on the beach whilst those affected live in inadequate conditions and without legal security.

It´s unfortunate that urban planning has been converted into an orthodoxy and this simply cannot be. What is required is a new philosophy in urban planning, one that walks hand in hand with citizens and their needs; a new philosophy that resolves problems and that doesn’t criticise the errors of others without being prepared to be self-critical at the same time.

For this reason, the announcement from the new government of Andalucía that they are going to take rapid measures is a breath of fresh air for thousands of people. These are statements of intent that give hope to those affected. They are no longer told “it’s very complicated” and “it must be studied”. They are told “we are going to resolve it”, “we are going to take action” and “we are going to work with the citizens”.

Those affected are not only hopeful, but also hope that this new “can do” spirit will spread, not only to the other political parties, but also to other branches of the Administration and the State. I believe that enough is enough with the demolition of houses, putting ordinary families into the street, and enough is enough of people not having basic services and legal certainty. In fact, enough is enough of damaging the environment because there is an unwillingness to regularise these houses, as enough is enough of trying to resolve a problem through planning, sometimes as an excuse for building more houses.

Therefore, we thank the Junta de Andalucía for their promise to deliver and I am sure that they will start to take steps rapidly. We hope that they can count on social and political support. Certainly, I will campaign for this resolution both personally and as President of AUAN. I will campaign in a constructive and conciliatory way, because people deserve politicians that concentrate on resolving their problems instead of wasting time fighting among themselves. Whilst I still have the energy you will find me campaigning to advance on the path of sensible planning, a path that I am happy to see is beginning to become clearer.

Maura Hillen, President of AUAN

Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No (Spanish: No Urban Abuses Almanzora; Almanzora, Spain)

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