Happy place – H a p p y S P A I N –

happy spainSpaniards are among the happiest citizens in the world, according to Eurostat. Spanish people are said to be just as joyful as residents in Scandinavian or central European nations whose gross domestic product per inhabitant is more than 30 % higher than Spain. The level of satisfaction of Spanish interviewees for the survey for 2011 sat at 7,5 points out of 10 – above the European Unión average.  This makes Spain the 7th country on the list of 28, after Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Luxembougrg, Holland and Austria.

Spain also has the highest Life expectancy.

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Spain’s positive economic outlook 2014 +


The positive economic outlook for

2014 has improved international

investors’ confidence, putting Spain

back on their investment maps. In

2013, the investment volume was

slightly over €2.5bn, an increase of

12% year-on-year. Cross-border

investors made up almost 80% of

the total, a strong growth compared

with the average of 40% in the recent

years. Most of these are European

and had been active players in the

market before the crisis. Among the

newcomers, big fortunes from Latin

America deserve a special mention.

The largest deal of the year was the

acquisition of almost 300 Sabadell

bank branch units by Fibra Uno

(Mexico) for €300m.

The retail segment concentrated once

again the largest share of the total

investment volume. After two years

around 30% it was close to 50% in


The prime assets in each market

segment are the more demanded

products, but also the least available

ones. This situation could push the

yield levels down, in any case they

would still remain above the European

source:  Savills European Research

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weather spain

had lowest rainfall since 1863. The months of February and part of March light
rain has done little to calm concern over the fact that this winter has seen
85%less rainfall than usual. Constant warm winds blowing in from the west and
the recurrent high temperatures registered in the area have resulted in the
driest period since record began in 1863. Experts from Valencia University have
revealed that between the beginning of September and now, the Valencia region
has received less rain than traditionally arid areas such as the Canary

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Is now the time to buy abroad, in SPAIN…..?

DSC06962353-62 (12)Property markets in much of Europe are in the doldrums so if you are looking to purchase a home overseas, now may be the right time to buy.

The increase in the sterling/euro exchange rate over the past few months has been welcome news to potential overseas buyers as the pound in their pocket goes further. Borrowing in sterling may be easier and cheaper at present but if the euro continues to fall, a loan in sterling could wipe out any potential gain made in the value of the property, as the relative value of the debt against the property (sterling converted to euros) would increase. The worse case scenario would be that you could owe more in sterling than the value of the property in euros. Banks lending in euroland will generally only lend in euros because of this risk.

Matching the currency of the property and the debt can offer some protection against exchange rate movements. If sterling continues to strengthen, the monthly cost and balance will fall in relative sterling terms. With very few exceptions, UK High Street lenders cannot take a charge on property overseas. A further benefit of using a retail bank in the country where the property is located is their local knowledge. The lender will carry out their own valuation on the property, giving you independent reassurance that you are paying a reasonable price.

How easy it is to obtain mortgage finance depends largely on location and nowadays will always be full status, with banks basing income on tax returns and applying their affordability criteria.

The competitiveness of interest rates tends to be determined by how many lenders are offering mortgages. Where competition is limited – or worse still where there is only one lender – the rate may be higher and there may only be one product. Fixed or capped rates are likely to be a wise move while base rates are so low, but these are not readily available in every country. Switzerland offers fixed products up to a maximum of fifteen years and US mortgages are often fixed for five years or longer.

Lending in Spain  is challenging as there are far fewer lenders than in the past and products tend to be limited. These products are often simple variable trackers with comparatively high initial pay rates.

Research in advance is vital to finding out what your mortgage options are. Before you visit a property you can obtain a decision in principle from a lender or specialist broker, confirming how much you can borrow and on what terms. A decision in principle is not binding and is subject to the valuation of the property, but will help put a potential purchaser on an equal footing with a cash buyer.

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Pros and Cons Short Term / Long Term Rentals (New Law) – Flexible Property Market ..

Pros and cons of short and long term rentals under the new law
The recently approved Tenancy Act makes several important changes to earlier legislation.

These changes include the obligation to have the new energy performance certificate and a reduction in the legally mandatory rental periods. We will analyse the advantages and drawbacks of leasing a property for more than five years or less than one.

In this regard, it is important to remember that under the new law legally mandatory rental periods will be shorter. Up until now the legally mandatory rental period for long-term rents was five years, but it has now been reduced to three years. After these three years have expired, the contract may automatically be renewed, provided both parties are in agreement, and this tacit renewal has been reduced from three years to one year.

Tenants benefit from this change since they can vacate the property without being penalised. However, it may lead to insecure tenancies, as landlords can terminate the contract after the first three-year period has finished.

This new law therefore makes it easier for tenants to vacate the property, and also makes it easier for landlords to regain possession of their property if they need to.

Landlords also benefit from the new regulations because they will be able to regain possession of their property if they need it either for themselves or for an immediate family member, provided that the contract has been in force for at least one year, and they give the tenant two months´ notice.

One of the drawbacks for landlords is that their rental income is not as secure as it was as tenants can vacate the property without being penalised, provided they give two months´ notice.

The aim of this new law is to make the property market more flexible in order to stimulate supply and demand.

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Valencia: Time to buy…at last

2The property market prices stabilise and slowly begin increase again. To buy now may finally have a positive answer. The latest figures -Summer Autumn- show an increase of about 1 % compared to the previous quarter. This adds to the fact that the number of property sales made in Spain also increased 2 %. There were 76.800 transactions over 3 months. The Costas leading the recovery. “A Place In The Sun” – Buyers confirm that now is the time to buy. Experts say the figures released this month show, time has come. Foreign buyers were involved in 12 % of all the transactions with British Buyers making up about 14 % of the new foreign home owners followed by French 11 % and Russians 9 %. So far this year, over 330.000 property transactions have been made in Spain.

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Disney is set to shoot in Valencia

donaldDisney is coming to Valencia, to the City of Arts and Sciences. An American film Producer will shoot in Valencia …:
” Tomorrowland ” and will be premiered at the end of 2014 featuring Hugh Laurie and George Clooney. The storyline is top secret although 1952 it was based on “”Man in Space”” an animation production by Disney 1955. Valencia will feature prominently in the film . Filming is due to begin end December / beginning 2014

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Rural rustic country cottage near Valencia

mini-DSC05160Near Alfara de Algimia, near Torres Torres, near Sagunto (Valencia)
a 100 m2 rustic cottage with 1600 m2 plot, fruit-trees, small pool, BQ, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, bathroom with water connected and light by generator

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In Valencia you have a whale of a time……….

th[9]Valencia, Spain has the largest aquarium in Europe – The Oceanografic in Valencia`s City of Art and Science (CAC) – is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. – During the 10 years since it opened its doors to the public the Oceanografic has established itself as one of the main marine complexes in the world, and has attracted more than 14 million visitors since 2003. In addition to promoting pioneering research programmes, it is also the only aquarium in Spain where the public can observe species such as the Beluga or White Whale.

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SPAIN – Living Longer

GTY_HealthSherpa_lpl_11113_4x3t_384[1]Spain leads Europe in longevity stakes.
Lancet issued a report last week, shows that Spain has the highest health Life expectancy in Europe. The healthcare system is excellent, 7th best in the world. The UK was ranked 18th. The report only concentrates on the health of people who arrive at health centres. The Mediterranean diet in the Valencia region, which consists of salads, fruits, fish and lots of olive oil, may be responsible for the good report.

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