Valencia: Tourism Trade gears up

In the Valencia and Costa areas are gradually opening up and the announcement by EastJet it was to commence operations from today, 1st July, now offers establishments a further incentive.

Ryanair had already made the announcement last week. EasyJet said, holiday-makers will be able to fly from 14 airports across the UK to a number of airports in Spain now.

All arrivals at Valencia or Alicante airports will be screened for temperature and will have to fill in a form allowing the authorities to locate them in the event of a local flare-up, and, Restaurants, Pubs, Nightclubs, abiding to new regulations, are preparing to open now on the beaches.

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‘The coronavirus pandemic has surprised many of those who were previously happily on track to fulfilling their dream of buying a second home in Spain. In some cases, it has stopped the process entirely, while in others it has made moving forward with the purchase far more difficult, leaving many future owners worrying about their options.’

‘Some future buyers have started to question their decision to purchase in Valencia, Spain in light of the pandemic. On the other hand, others are determined to go all the way and succeed with their Spanish property ownership dream. We are continuing to work for clients as normal, working closely with developers, notaries and real estate agents so that clients’ purchases and sales are not frustrated.’

‘It’s still perfectly possible to purchase the home of your dreams here in Spain. Buyers just need to take additional precautions to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of the purchase process. Having a good lawyer or notario is key to a safe purchase process, while those looking to take a belt and braces approach have the option to buy properties that have been quality approved with us, Villas Valencia. “This important quality mark assures the buyer that all legal requirements for sale have been met, so that they can go ahead and purchase with peace of mind.’ – Happy Valencia –

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Why Learn Spanish with Jokes – during Covid-19

Whether you like your jokes laugh-out-loud funny or cringe-worthy, you’ll need a good grasp of the Spanish language to get these jokes.

But understanding the humor of a whole different language is about more than just knowledge of said language—it’s about getting the culture.

In other words, if you find the jokes below funny, then you know you not only got the language, but also the cultural humor. And that’s an impressively deep understanding of Spanish! Jokes can show you how to take your knowledge of words and turn it into true understanding.

(1) A: La nueva cocinera es un sol. (The new cook is a ray of sunshine.)
B: ¿Cocina bien? (Does she cook well?)
A: No, lo quema todo. (No, she burns everything.)

For this one I translated the meaning literally in English. We don’t use the phrase “ray of sunshine” the same way un sol is used in Spanish. Un sol is someone who’s “a doll” in English. Of course, the pun here is that the sun burns everything, just like the cook. Clever, clever. 

(2)Un hombre va al circo en busca de empleo. (A man went to the circus to find a job.)
El director le pregunta: (The boss asked him:)
“¿Y usted qué sabe hacer?” (What do you know how to do?)
El hombre dice, “yo… imito a los pájaros. (The man says, “I…imitate birds.”)
El director responde, “bueno… creo que no nos interesa, gracias.” (The boss answers, “well…we’re not interested, thanks.”)
… y el hombre se fue volando. (…and the man flew away.)

He’s quite good at his trade if he can fly away. I would’ve hired him. When someone se va volando (goes flying) it’s similar to the English phrase, “he flew the coop,” meaning he left in a hurry.

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Valencia : History of Money in the Prehistoric Museum of Valencia

Due to COVID-19 – this month we would like to illustrate the different formats of money used in the five continents over the course of history. All have served as means of payment or as measure of value. Coins, as we know them today, appeared in the late seventh century BC on the Greek coast of Asia Minor and have been the most widespread form of money ever since, dominating economic circuits until the introduction of banknotes in the seventeenth century and credit cards in the twentieth.

The areas of the exhibition offer a broad overview of the history of money. The tour begins by presenting unique Valencian Coin Treasures such as those found in Lliria, consisting of about 6.000 Roman denarii, the extraordinary treasure of the Islamic Calle Santa Elena (Valencia), consisting of 1.940 Gold pieces dating from the late eleventh century, and the Requena, comprising 223 Spanish Gold pieces from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A selection of four exceptional pieces allow visitors to contemplate the finest Valencian coin art; an Iberian drachma from Arse, a Roman as from Valentia, a timbre from the reign of Alfonso the Magnanimous and a ducado from the reign of the Catholic Monarchs coined in the mint of Valencia.

Cases at the beginning of the wall explain the origin of coins, alongside the most representative issues of Greek and Roman times. This chronical approach turns into a thematic one in which coins and banknotes are discussed from a variety of perspectives – manufacturing, metrology, values and formats, and monetary policy – with special attention to the designs and to the phenomenon of counterfeiting. The room includes a recreation of a seventeenth-century mint as a teaching resource for understanding hammer minting, a process that was used for about 2.500 years. Hammered coinage appeared in the seventh century BC and continued until the seventeenth century, when the mechanisation of the process became widespread.

The opposite side of the room focuses on varied forms of money from different periods and cultures. In a large case, objects used as money are sorted from the materials used in their production. Other cases show forms of currency such as tokens or vouchers, and items used as money by the traditional societies of Africa and Oceania. In this part of the exhibition the custody pf money and savings is illustrated by a nineteenth-century safe used by the Provincial Council of Valencia. A recreation of a vintage bank from the early twentieth century stresses the significance of banks and a cash register of 1911 reminds us of their importance in everyday transactions. Finally, four cases in the corner cover varied topics related to numismatics such as medals, accounting, and non-economic uses of money

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Valencia: Brexit Passport Rule Changes after 31 December

British people travelling with the European Union should be aware passport validity rules will change after December 31st because of BREXIT. From January 1st, 2021, travellers may need extra months of validity on the crucial travel document or to renew their passport before their journey. The EU will consider the date of exoiry to be 10 years after the document’s date of issue. This could mean a passport issued on June 2011 could appear to be valid until March 2022. Many people are said to be unaware of the change are advised to check their passports. Please check with the website: >gov.uk/livinginspain< tobe made aware of any changes and to visit:>www.gov.uk/visit-europe-1-january-2021< for travel advice. Time being you do not require a visa and you may need to renew your passport earlier if you are travelling from Jan 1st 2021.

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NOTHING WILL CHANGE, time being…..

The UK has left the EU. The withdrawal Agreement contains some really important protections.

  • You will be able to continue to live and work in Spain
  • UK state pensioners will continue to have lifelong healthcare as long as they remain living in Spain, at least until end 2020, this would include who claim a UK state pension.
  • Your UK state pension will continue to be uprated.
  • You will be able to exchange your driving licence until the end of 2020.

This withdrawal Agreement also provides an Transition Period until end 2020 during which time nothing will change for UK Nationals in Spain. It provides reassurance on key rights, such as being able to continue to live and work in Spain, and probably for pensioners to have healthcare and uprated pensions. You have obligations, the main thing that you are registered with a green residency certificate, at least until end 2020.

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VALENCIA – The Capital City amidst the likes of London

VALENCIA, last year, has cracked the Top Ten list of European Cities most referenced on foto-based webs. With over 500 million users www, this platform has turned into a reference for people wishing to share all kinds of snaps, from artistic compositions to simple selfies. Travel websites put together a rancking with the top 10 European cities. London appears first in this listing followed by Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Hamburg….and Valencia with over 14 Million Valencia appearances. Furthermore the upcoming Fallas should entice the millions of people who crowd the city for four days to add quite a few more over the weekend and into the following weeks.. Welcome to Valencia  !

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What’s happening in Spain ?


We note what’s been happening in Spain from the latest Spanish Property Insight report – it’s dot com; do take a look. We quote a little. If you are active here, do check out the report at the site. ‘There continues to be concern at the apparent reduction of buyers’ interest. However, as with the number of agents, there are now so many developments to choose from that though there may appear to be a reduction in the number of buyers, when all are totalled, the actual numbers may not have reduced significantly.’


‘As this is being written, we still don’t know if there will be a deal or not. The treatment of UK passport holders in Spain will mirror the treatment of Spanish resident in UK. Fortunately, we do not see the xenophobia in Spain that is reported in UK, but we still may be penalised for it.’


‘Every time there looks like being a deal, the exchange rate ‘improves’, to the benefit of holders of sterling. The ‘rollercoaster’ still has many more rises and falls! Many buyers and sellers will be delaying until they know more of what’s happening. Brexit affects many economies throughout the EU and beyond. Its effects will be felt by the world economy, when indicators are already showing the possibility of another recession.’ 

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Off-Plan Savvy


Before committing to an off-plan purchase, you need to do your homework. ‘Find out as much as you can about the property. This includes architect plans of the property itself and the development as a whole; price lists for the different types of property; lists of materials and specifications; and whether it’s possible to change the standard specification, i.e. room layout, fixtures and fittings, finishes and colours.’


‘Check the plans of the property carefully. On a scale drawing, it’s difficult to imagine the actual size of the rooms. Look at the show house comparing its actual sizes with what you’ll be getting based on the scale drawings. Check the list of specifications and exactly what these include. The list should be comprehensive, right down to the materials used for roofing and pipes and the colours of walls, doors, windows and tiles.’


‘Check the orientation of the property. To secure a sale, a sales representative will often happily promise you sea views, for example, but you can only be sure of this if you check the plans of the whole development to find out where your property lies in relation to the sea.’ More? Email back if you are interested further for the full piece.

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Savills Report : Valencia – Spain

Valencia / Spain – A BRIGHTER FUTURE

Spain is the second most-visited country in the world after France. From its wonderful food and climate to its vibrant cities, culture and history, there are many reasons why people move to Spain for a more permanent stake in the country.

The hardships faced by Spain following the Global Financial Crisis are now in the past. The future looks bright as the country’s property market registers increasing numbers of transactions, steadily growing prices and more construction.

Following nearly a decade when practically no residential homes were built, construction activity is increasing. This is mainly in the key cities, but also across the country. This is forecast to increase as more residential permits are granted.

There is growing interest from international buyers, especially from countries in Latin America that share cultural and historical links with Spain.

In a global context, Spain’s prime city markets offer value for money and more growth potential than other world cities.

The country’s status as a top visitor destination, coupled with the high-quality life and low cost of living it offers, will continue to attract buyers and underpins Spain’s lasting appeal.


Valencia is Spain’s third largest city, the home of paella, famous for its beautiful beaches and buildings, and just an hour and 40 minutes by high-speed train to Madrid.

Residential property prices are significantly lower than those in Madrid and Barcelona, which serves to attract investors looking for good rental returns.

Price growth has been slower than some other regions of Spain, with values rising 17.5% during the past five years. Yet, transaction numbers have doubled, indicating an active market. Residential development activity is increasing, a sign that confidence has returned to the market. New building permits being granted suggest this trend will continue.


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We always work with a legal Notary….

Spain is still very popular .  And now’s the time when many are in Spain with money burning a hole in their pocket! So, let’s re-run a piece ……..


Know Your Rights

Before they start their overseas property search, buyers need to know what their rights are and what will be needed from them during the sales process. They need to know about all costs and taxes related to the property purchase as well as social security rights, personal tax implications, education rights (if they have children) and employment rights.

Ask about the community charge; maintenance costs must be considered especially when buying within resorts. Also ask about the property developer and their portfolio. Even if you are buying a resale property, you will be able to access more information about the quality of the developer’s work.


Beware The Warning Signs

The warning signs to avoid when viewing property overseas are many. The conditions of the community – When buying a property within a community, even more important than the condition of the property itself is the condition of the communal areas. A healthy community will always keep the value of your property while an unhealthy community could decrease the value of your property significantly.

Off-plan properties – always ask for the background of the developer and view the show house. Would you buy a car from a manufacturer that has never made one? Don’t be rushed into the buying process. Be alert! For example, when the developer won’t even hold the property as reserved for one day, take that as a warning sign.


Take Advice

From a property perspective, the most common mistakes include buying on impulse; ‘falling in love’ with a property and buying it without assessing the pros and cons, simply because it was a great day. Not knowing the area. Many buyers of second homes know nobody in the area except for the seller of the property or the estate agent. Forgetting about the community charge. Maintenance costs that must be considered even though buyers may not be there for most of the year.


Once you have found the property you want to buy,  get involved in the conveyancing process,  the conditions you have agreed e.g. property, price, completion date. Liaise with all the different parties involved (agents, vendors, developers).  Then before a Notary sign all legal documents.  The process of buying a resale property takes between four to six weeks and off-plan property depends on the stage of the construction; it could be between six and 12 months

Are you buying in Spain? Drop us a line. We always and only work with a legal Notary.


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Spain – Time to buy…….

Spain – Time To Buy Soon

We suggest that Spain may be a good place to buy into soon. Here’s what we say. ‘The Spanish property market certainly suffered in the 2008 financial crisis – but that is now a thing of the past. Things are looking up for investing in property here for a number of reasons, and despite issues such as Brexit, UK investors can still benefit enormously from buying property here. 2020 could be the perfect year for you to invest in property in Spain.’


‘It’s official – Spain’s property market is on the increase. According to a recent property market report, residential property prices rose an average of 6.7 per cent across Spain. 2018 was the fifth consecutive year of increases in property values.’


‘One of the issues that is certainly hanging over British investors buying property in Spain is the issue of Brexit. As this fraught political issue continues to remain unresolved, a great deal of uncertainty has been created – and of course, uncertainty is never a good thing for those interested in investing their money. It may be the case that by 2020, Brexit will have been resolved. If this does happen markets may begin to stabilise, and there will be far less volatility, for example in currencies.’ More to come.

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Villas Valencia offers properties in Valencia at Spanish prices. What`s more, we don`t charge the buyer (as most other agencies do). We are an English locally run estate agent company dealing with properties in a picturesque area around the city of Valencia.


You are the only agent we dealt with your knowledge of the area and the buying process left us at ease that everything would be taken care of. - Mr & Mrs P, in Naquera

Your advice was clear and brilliant. You completely understood our requirements and objectives, facilitating our new purchase. Thank You! - Mr L, Now living in Lliria

You offered a great service from start to finish, clearly explaining all our options and helping speed everything through. You translated everything we needed quickly.

- Mr T, Second home in Montroy

Villas Valencia was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I will and have recommended you to others. Thank you for all your referrals for building work. We love our new pool! - Sean, house in Rocafort

Thank you for all the help buying our property in Valencia. With so much to think about, you explained everything well and made it all very easy. Cant wait to move out there fully and enjoy a G & T on our balcony with you.

- Ben, house in Naquera

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