Are you on the Padrón?

Are you on the Padrón? Do you need to confirm your registration?

The Spanish Office of National Statistics (INE) collects Padrón data annually, and the closing date for information to be submitted this year was 31st  March. This data is very important not just for town halls but for everyone living in Spain, as it is used for allocating local budgets, among other administrative processes.

You should….……………………register with the town hall where you live.

According to the Spanish authorities:

If you are resident in Spain, your registration on the Padrón needs to be confirmed every five years. If you are not resident (e.g. living here temporarily), but are registered on the Padrón, your Padrón registration needs to be confirmed every two years.

If your Padrón registration is due for confirmation, you can do this by signing a declaration form at your town hall. In some cases, your town hall may contact you in person (either an official from the town hall or the local police) or send you a letter asking you to confirm your registration.

If you change your address or personal details with your local town hall, your Padrón registration will be automatically confirmed.

If you don’t confirm your registration every two or five years (depending upon your residency status), then your town hall will start the process to remove you from the Padrón register. However, the town hall will attempt to inform you of this process, before you are removed.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your local town hall.

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